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If you have followed my work over the past years, you will know that this project has been dogged by considerable delays.  Primarily this has been due to a difficult to square tension around lack of funds and other large life-commitments and responsibilities demanding priority. The length of time involved has also meant that the book has had two major revisions-rewrites in this time. The “final” manuscript was completed in Aug 2017, following which I was lucky to be able to receive some invaluable and generally very positive feedback from Lee Nichol (editor of a number of books by David Bohm). I am very grateful for the feedback, aspects and the essence of which I would very much like to incorporate into the final book. Thus, basically, the task now is, or rather would be, to revise and commit any relevant changes. Unfortunately, as has been the case all along, I am delayed once again for the usual reasons. So the answer to the question as to when this book is going to be available finally, is about three months from the time the regular clouds might lift.

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